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In-service Master's Program copy

Required course


Master thesis

Required Electives

Foundational course

Seminar on marketing communication
(required for both terms)

Communicational research methods 

Media, culture, and society

Information Literacy and Ethics

Marketing management

Foundational Electives

Module 1: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Information technology policy and law

Entertainment marketing and media

Marketing communication strategy

Social business management and IT governance

Social commerce

Social media marketing

Computer-mediated communications

Mobile communication and commerce

Advertising effectiveness

Advertising creativity

Creative design in online multimedia

Marketing decision-making

Word-of-mouth communications online

New business development and financial planning

Digital Content Analysis and Social Network Analysis

Human resource management in media organization

Information and society

Information technology and E-government

Case studies in service innovation

Internet service marketing

Studies in digital video and public service broadcasting

Personal technology management

Internet communications and news

Corporate communication

Communications technology and city marketing

MICE marketing and communication technology

Module 2: Social Cultural Marketing

Mass communication theory

Advertising and culture

Qualitative research methods

Strategic writing


Organizational communications

Social media and society

Consumer psychology and behaviors

Marketing theories and applications

Advanced Research Methods for Communications

Campaign strategies and political marketing

Media management

Theories and practice in public relations

Thesis Writing

Cultural economy and consumption

Media strategic management


Media effects

International advertising

Crisis communication

Media technology and society

Marketing management

Children and advertising

Service marketing

Social marketing

The audience in media and communications

Gender and consumer culture

Marketing Communication in China

New Media and National Development in China


To acquire the part-time MBA degree, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

1A minimum of 42 credits of graduate work including all foundation, required and elective courses:

Foundation courses

6 credits

Core courses

14 credits

Elective courses

22 credits


42 credits

2A minimum cumulative average mark of 70.00 on the 100 scale.

3Master thesis.

4English Requirements.

  • Students wishing to apply for MA interview must pass the English Aptitude Exemption Requirements:

(1)Proof of being a foreign college student from English speaking nations.

(2)Students must have a TOEFL IBT score of 71 or above. (This grade is equivalent to the score of 197 in TOEFL CBT, and that of 530 in TOEFL PBT. Grades are no validity).

(3)Students must have a TOEIC score of 670 (Grades are no validity).

(4)Student must pass intermediate level in GEPT (General English Proficiency Test).

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