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Our Characteristics

The IMC will continue to incubate talents through courses in Society and culture, Marketing communications, and Media technologies, and will expect its students to demonstrate “bold yet meticulous” thinking and performance, and effective teamwork skills. It is our hope that students will be well equipped to meet societal demands for and trends in “internationalization”, “informationalization”, and “practicality”. To this end, we collaborate with the College of Management and other relevant units to design a comprehensive range of measures to support our goals. The main characteristics of IMC are depicted below:



To promote a global perspective among our faculty and students, we encourage students to participate in the International Exchange Program to study abroad for a term in one of the College of Management’s partner schools, involving payment only of domestic tuition fees while enjoying scholarships and benefits provided by the program. Every academic year approximately three to five students take part in the program.


The IMC works with the Department of Information Management, to run the Electronic Commerce Times (ECT) and provide an internship program for our students. The internship provides opportunities for students to understand the operation of digital press in times when instant news updates are key. Students also obtain practical experience in the design, distribution, and content creation/curation of digital press. All IMC students are encouraged to become contributing reporters for the ECT; many have pursued a career in journalism after graduation.

Practice opportunities

The IMC’s multi-media room, for teaching and training purposes, is equipped with the latest computers, video and sound editing facilities, and internet broadcast servers. Programs produced by students are regularly broadcast in the College of Management courtyard for the enjoyment of students and faculty. 

Education modules

IMC offers education modules in Digital Marketing and Social Cultural Marketing. The aim is to offer a diversity of courses organized around two broad themes, taking advantage of the expertise of our faculty, as well as courses offered by other departments in the College of Management, while not overloading students. 

Three-in-one scheme of internship, thesis and career development

By partnering with communications media companies and other relevant organizations, IMC provides students with problem-solving oriented summer internship opportunities. Students are able to develop their thesis topics based on their internship experience, which also is beneficial for their career development. In the summer prior to their second year in school, students can request internships at media-related industries with which IMC has arrangements.

Online courses

All courses offered by IMC can be integrated with the University’s Cyber University for online education and interaction. Students will be able to complete their coursework on the internet.

Cross-disciplinary program

To broaden their education horizon, students can join the various programs offered by the College of Management, such as International Business Management, Financial Engineering Program, Marketing Management Program, Entrepreneurship Management Program, Human Resources Management Program, Innovation and Service Management Program, and Accounting Program.