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Announcement: Plans for campus-wide distance learning in NSYSU (May 19 to June 8, 2021)(A letter for Faculty Members)

Dear Faculty members,

Hope everyone is well and healthy!

According to the announcement on May 15, 2021, by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) of the Executive Yuan, Kaohsiung City is now enforcing the Level 2 Epidemic Warning Standard. Considering the severity of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in northern Taiwan, the fear of community spread in Kaohsiung, and comments from internal discussion and Student Council, the NSYSU COVID-19 Prevention Team has drawn the following measures in line with the government's directives to activate Level 3 standard.


To ensure the quality of teaching and for the safety of faculty, students and family, the University has adopted distance learning mode for all classes from May 19 through June 8, 2021. May 17-May 18 will be an adjustment period. Your full support is essential for the continuation of the learning in such pressing times. The following are measures in support of distance learning on campus:

1. Confirm with your students on modes of distance learning:

Several courses have been tested for distance learning previously which students can access the course syllabus to modes of learning, including synchronous, synchronous with video recording, and asynchronous modes. Please confirm with your students which mode and platform you will use prior to the next class for preparation.

2. Resources for distance learning:

(1) Synchronous mode: access through the Cyber University or software such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, U-Meeting and Jitsi Meet.

(2) Asynchronous modes: videotape your instructing procession and/or your class materials and upload to the Cyber University or other online platforms.

(3) Access through Microsoft Teams or Google Meet:

(i) Through Microsoft Teams: faculty and staff can apply for an O365 account and students can activate access, refer to the webpage for details. Download Teams software for connection stability.

(ii) Through Google Meet: access through Google or Gsuite account. Make sure to adjust your browser setting for access to the video function.

(4) Detail explanations for the above software are available on Library Services and the Academic Affairs Office webpages.

3. Practical Courses:

Courses such as laboratory experiments and physical education can also be adapted to distance learning mode. You can provide video recording, online discussion, and other related materials. If the distance learning mode is not suitable for your class, you need to arrange for make-up classes whenever in-person classes are resumed.

4. Course Grade Assessment:

The adoption of distance learning mode is temporary until June 8. During this period, exams given or reports submitted need to be through the online methods. For students who cannot join class in person, to prevent the risk of possible contraction due to moving, they are allowed to submit an absence notice for May 17 to May 18 and not be accountable for grade deduction.

5. Ensure Effective Learning:

Please watch for student attendance, save online digital course materials, keep records of online interactions, quizzes, and reports for future reference to ensure learning effectiveness.

These measures for campus-wide distance learning are drawn to ensure safety of all faculty, staff, and students as well as to ensure the students’ right to learn at the same time. The University will announce on the website and through email notice 3-days in advance if in-person classes are to be resumed. Please feel free to contact the following offices for support on distance learning. We wish everyone to stay healthy and safe.

NSYSU COVID-19 Disease Prevention Team and Office of Academic Affairs

May 16, 2021


  1. For troubleshooting on distance learning modes, contact the Office of Academic Affairs:

* Curriculum and courses:

  Ms. Hsiu-Wen Hsieh, ext. 2132, email: hsiuwen@mail.nsysu.edu.tw;

  Ms. Ying-Hua Lee, ext. 2131, email: hwlee@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.

* Teaching and learning development and resources center (for video-equipment rental and technical support on Adobe Connect):

Mr. Chih-Lung Tsai, ext. 2166, email: radditking@mail.nsysu.edu.tw;

Mr. Sheng-Yen Li, ext. 2164, email:smalllee@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.

  1. Office of Library and Information Services for technical support on:

* Cyber University and U Meeting: Ms. Yu-Chieh Lin, ext. 2525,

email: yuchieh@mail.nsysu.edu.tw;

* Microsoft Teams: Mr. Yi-hsiung Ting, ext. 2458,

 email: jimmytine@staff.nsysu.edu.tw;

* Cisco WebEx: Ms. Ying-ying Lyu, ext. 2459,

email: yinglyu@staff.nsysu.edu.tw;

* Google Meet: Mr. Chong-yu Huang, ext. 2522,

email: locustyo@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.

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